January 29, 2020


We are pissed off Roblox players who are fed up with spending money on Roblox to buy some Robux. We were spending a lot, and I mean a lot of money on Robux, but even that was not enough. I mean there were always kids who looked better and there were always special items I needed for this or that.

Well, we have decided to use the money to hire professionals to find a way to add Robux to our accounts on demand. After few failed contracts, we found a guy who is an programming magician. He made us a pretty simple, yer very effective software – the Robux generator.

After testing the tool on hundreds different Roblox accounts and generating millions of Robux for free, we decided to share this Roblox hack with the rest of the world. Now any registered Roblox user can use this free robux generator and have free robux each day.